1. What is SwimUp and SwimUp App?
We are a team of professional swimmers who are passionate about making swimming easier and enjoyable for everyone. We have two amazing products:

- Tutorial videos on Social Media (YouTube, Instagram);

- A great swimming application for iOS and Android with personal training plans and amazing swimming content. Enjoy your swimming!
2. How to use the app in a swimming pool?
We recommend to follow your training on an Apple Watch or print out a pdf. We will soon be adding more wearables for your convenience. Stay tuned!

Note: Using a smartphone in a swimming pool is not recommended.
3. How do I contact SwimUp?
If you have a particular question or suggestion, please send us an email to support@swimup.io

Also, contact us on our YouTube and Instagram. We love hearing from our followers!
4. How do I manage my subscription?
Information about your subscription is available in the settings of the app on your smartphone. To manage a subscription, please proceed to the settings area of your smartphone.
5. Why do I answer surveys in the app?
We apply smart technology to offer you individual training plans according to your skills, physical conditions and performance. Questions may pop up during your interaction with the app. Please answer them properly and you will receive truly tailored training programs for your swimming!
6. What if I didn't do some exercises?
It is absolutely fine! Please make sure to mark such exercises as "not completed" - our smart algorithm will adjust your training plan accordingly.
7. What languages are supported?
At present, English is supported. Great news: French, German and Spanish are on the way!
8. How to use SwimUp on Apple Watch?
Simply install and open SwimUp on your Apple Watch. Decide what you want to do in the iPhone app and it will be automatically delivered to your Watch. Enjoy your time in the pool!
9. How much does it cost?
Initial training in all modes is available for you to try out!

You can fully activate all these amazing modes: Wellness, Technique, Triathlon and Masters.

Train in them all and you will greatly improve your swimming skills and support further content creation by SwimUp!
10. My training plan has adjusted itself. Is this normal?
Our engine may adjust training plans according to your performance. Please answer the post-training questions honestly and precisely and you will get the most from using SwimUp!
11. My Watch SwimUp app does not receive training from my iPhone?
In your iPhone navigate to Settings. Within Settings, navigate to Privacy. From Privacy, navigate to Health. Click on SwimUp app and allow Workouts and Heart Rate access.
12. Training is designed for 25m pools, but I swim in a 50m pool. Is it okay?
Please calculate your reps accordingly. If the training specifies 4x25, swim 2x50 in your pool.